RUÈCE STUDIO is a sustainable seasonless brand that aims to craft multi-functional and
multi-size clothing with a feminine tech vibe.

RUÈCE STUDIO is a ready-to-wear brand founded in Denmark in 2019 by Mia Dalsgaard
and Mette Oestergaard Petersen.

Our vision is to unite details and solutions from the tech universe with a feminine expression, and
combine it all into one genre. We work with sustainable materials, and only in high quality fabrics
that last and can be worn for years, by whom it desires.

We strive to create styles with multi-functionality and multi-size function, which result in pieces
that can be worn in different seasons, and that can be restyled or wander on to new carriers for
years. Our styles are released in individual conscious versions, which are always limited edition in
order to prevent over production, over stocking and to reduce the amount of waste.

RUÈCE STUDIO clothing is produced in Europe, in order to reduce transportation as well as to
ensure that our suppliers are meeting our production and working standards.

See how our products are sustainable under each product, and see how our packaging is
sustainable under shipping info.

We always work towards a more conscious business. RUÈCE STUDIO is not 100% sustainable
yet, but we work to do better every day and to improve every part of our business this way.

To pronounce: Ruèce [rye’es]

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